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Details Ave-Maria-Monastic-Chants

The Danisch Hildegard Ensemble , Booklet in Latein, Englisch und Dänisch. Titel 2. - 5. Gregorian Chant within the Mass, 6. - 8. Benedictine Monastic Chant within the Liturgy of the Hours, 9 - 13 Cistercian Monastic Chant within the Mass & the Liturgy ...

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Details Monastic-and-Religious-Orders-Cambridge-Medieval-Textbooks

Monastic and Religious Orders in Britain, 1000-1300 This book is a comprehensive study of the constitutional developments of the monastic orders in Britain between 1000 and 1300. Full description

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Details Monastic-Wales

Monastic Wales A collection of essays by leading scholars that investigates the significance of Wales's medieval religious houses in the development of Welsh society, politics and culture. Full description

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Details A-Monastic-Trio-Vinyl-LP

Alice Coltrane: A Monastic Trio LP - Vinyl-LP im 12"-Format (30,48 cm Durchmesser), herausgegeben 2014 in USA von Superior Viaduct (SV020), Barcode: 857176003201 -- reissue, gatefold sleeve -- Genre: Jazz

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Details Monastic-Chant

HMF 507356; HARMONIA MUNDI - Francia; Classica vocale sacra Gregoriano

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Details Light-in-the-Shoe-Shop-A-Cobblers-Contemplations-Monastic-Wisdom-Band-36

No Light in the Shoe Shop Read a customer review or write one .

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Details Cassians-Conferences-Scriptural-Interpretation-and-the-Monastic-Ideal-Ashgate-New-Critical-Thinking-in-Religion-Theology-and-Biblical-Studies

This book explores Cassian's use of scripture in the Conferences, especially its biblical models to convey his understanding of the desert ideal to the monastic communities of Gaul. Cassian intended the scriptures and, implicitly, the Conferences to ...

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Details Treatise-on-Monastic-Studies-1691

This is the first English translation of Dom Jean Mabillon's treatise that defends the propriety of study and research as an occupation for monks, and lays out a course of studies for young Benedictines training to be scholars. This edition includes a ...